Hello world!

Almost 18 months after Matt’s death, I have gotten around to creating a memorial website for him, a place to collect stories and memories of him and and statements from those who loved him. As much as I want to fill this history up with everything I can think of, it is not a priority right now.

I would have liked to be doing this on LiveMosaic, but that will be going away maintained at a very minimal level going forward. I hope to archive some of it here now and I also hope to some day resurrect at least parts of it archive it completely when it does become necessary to take it down. If it is the same as many of the ideas Matt had, someone else will eventually be doing the same thing. Already, someone is doing parts of it, I’m sure. To me, that is a testament to what a visionary Matt was and validation of what he did.

Hopefully, you found this site through matthenson.com which is the original blog I set up for him 5 years ago. Apparently, it wasn’t a priority for him either, but those few posts are very precious to me.

Now if I could just get his video code into my websites and his gallery code and his image processor and …