Garage Sale

I cleaned out the garage (for the most part) over the holiday and had a garage sale. Most of Matt’s large tools were sold by friends a while back, but this time I did it myself. That means the garage really is mine now, except for all of the trash to get rid of. When I was piling everything for the sale on and around a 4×8 sheet of plywood table, it mostly seemed like haphazard junk. But with the help of my brother and neighbors, the sale ended up looking like a pretty cool guy’s sale.

I was ready which means that cleaning out the garage was a very straightforward and natural process. As I was cleaning out the large toolbox that I had given Matt one of the first Christmas’s we were married, I remembered Matt working on the car with his socket wrenches. What a grace he had with tools! He spent more time in this garage doing woodworking. I think about all the time he spent in there and what it must have been like for him (it’s a four car garage!) I didn’t see as much because I was inside with kids, but I suppose it will come to me some time.

Then when it came time for the garage sale I was so nervous. I posted on the wrong craigslist board and only 2 people came plus my neighbors. I still managed to get rid of almost everything thanks to my neighbors hauling it away for me.


The Hoodie

At some point I bought Matt loungewear. It was probably for Christmas and it was really just a hoodie and sweatpants from American Eagle. In the winter, he just didn’t have anything warm to wear around the house that was comfortable. I remember him wearing the hoodie while he worked on LiveMosaic. It was pretty casual and sometimes he would wear it zipped and sometimes unzipped and I remember him standing around the kitchen taking a break with his hands in the pockets and talking to me. Remembering this recently, it struck me that he wore that hoodie a lot. I seem to remember him wearing it all the time, especially after he was sick. And I realized that I do and did the same thing. I get cold in the house and long sleeves aren’t enough so I’ll wear a hoodie for extra warmth and because it’s comfortable. Basically, he wore the hoodie because of me and he was comfortable in it and liked it. That image of him in the hoodie and the way he wore it is imprinted in my brain.


Right Now

Dear Live Mosaic Customer,
Over the past several months, I have made lot of progress in finding a solution to deliver your Live Mosaic content to you. My plan is to export the Live Mosaic story content to WordPress, which is a very well established blogging platform. This will allow me to deliver to you an archive of files containing your Live Mosaic website in a blog format. Please keep in mind that I will only be able to deliver story content (text, comments, photos and videos) and any static custom pages your site may have had.

I hope to be contacting each of you individually in the next few months with information about your site. I will create a temporary WordPress website with your Live Mosaic content for you to review. I am currently considering options for delivering the files which may vary depending on the amount of data associated with a particular site. I will also be happy to make recommendations for choosing another service to host the personal website you began with Live Mosaic.

I recently started looking for a new job and unfortunately, this has greatly reduced the amount of time I have available to work on this project. In the near future, I hope to at least be able to put your websites back online in WordPress format so that you will have the content available for viewing. I think that I will also be able to host your existing content indefinitely, without cost to you, if you would like me to do that. I will be contacting each of you individually with information about your site. I am still considering options for delivering the website files to you.

Once again, please know that although this process will take some time, my intention truly is to archive your site for you.

Patience Henson