Random 11: Last Play List

This is what Matt was listening to the last month or so before he died.

  • Black Keys – both bought and gifted by a friend so he had to figure out how to return digital music.
  • Girl Talk – we went to the concert in January
  • Coldplay – he always did and it’s weird or me that he never heard Mylo Xyto
  • Cake – we saw them for New Year’s Eve at Austin Music Hall
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs – recommended by my sister
  • Radiohead – In Rainbows was a favorite with us and now I don’t listen to it very much

This is music I have listened to since Matt died that he never heard:

  • Florence and the Machine – recommended by my sister
  • Katy Perry – a major star in the world without Matt
  • Metric – first concert I went to
  • Mumford and Sons
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs. – Mosquito


Half Marathon


Here’s to Matt running a half marathon in early 2010. I found his 13.1 sticker in the car today. And to Matt wanting to run a full marathon in early 2011 and giving it up because of breathing problems.

Wood Flooring

At the beginning of the year, I started cleaning out the kids rooms to get rid of trash, old toys and clean the dust out of the corners that the housekeepers never get. It reminded me of all the work Matt and I did on the house before the kids were born. We installed wood flooring in all of the bedrooms and the playroom upstairs. We painted the walls and changed baseboards. I was pregnant with Summer. It was a really special time and I wish I had a picture of Matt working on it. What I have are construction pictures (with Matt’s knee pads because he spent a lot of time on his knees and they are a sort of poor substitute for an image of him), a bunch of pregnant me photos and a really strong sense of happiness and excitement that comes from seeing what Matt saw when he took the pictures.