Garage Sale

I cleaned out the garage (for the most part) over the holiday and had a garage sale. Most of Matt’s large tools were sold by friends a while back, but this time I did it myself. That means the garage really is mine now, except for all of the trash to get rid of. When I was piling everything for the sale on and around a 4×8 sheet of plywood table, it mostly seemed like haphazard junk. But with the help of my brother and neighbors, the sale ended up looking like a pretty cool guy’s sale.

I was ready which means that cleaning out the garage was a very straightforward and natural process. As I was cleaning out the large toolbox that I had given Matt one of the first Christmas’s we were married, I remembered Matt working on the car with his socket wrenches. What a grace he had with tools! He spent more time in this garage doing woodworking. I think about all the time he spent in there and what it must have been like for him (it’s a four car garage!) I didn’t see as much because I was inside with kids, but I suppose it will come to me some time.

Then when it came time for the garage sale I was so nervous. I posted on the wrong craigslist board and only 2 people came plus my neighbors. I still managed to get rid of almost everything thanks to my neighbors hauling it away for me.