Movies 2

Contemplating having the Netflix envelope in my hand again brings up so many things. We used to watch a movie almost every weekend, sometimes two. Matt loved movies. He handled the Netflix queue so it was always a bit of a surprise to find out what we’d be watching. He loved his theater room so much. He loved curling up next to me on the couch to settle in and watch a movie. I often get serious chills of excitement before watching a movie and I had to explain to him early on that I wasn’t cold; it was just nerves. There were movies we loved. There were movies I felt like I had better spent the time doing something else. In the past three years, I don’t think I’ve watched more than about 15 non-animated movies. I don’t have anyone to watch movies with and it is such a big deal to watch a movie. It is almost as big a deal as sleeping in the bed by myself.

So here I am anticipating the Netflix envelope. I took Summer to see Maleficent. She’s getting to be that age where I can do that which means I have someone to watch movies with sometimes. We went to Disney World. I feel like I am getting back into something that I have removed myself from over the past three years.

I can see Matt’s face and the sense of his body, with the Netflix choices in his hand– we had the 3 discs out at once plan– asking me what I wanted to watch. Then me responding with the same question. Often, he would choose one and I would choose the other, but he let me pick since he made the queue. Then he would give me a hard time for making him choose and then contrarily choosing a different one. But it didn’t really matter because there were only 2 or 3 choices and we were going to watch them all eventually. The only movie we got that I wanted that Matt refused to watch was the second Twilight movie. (He refused because he had seen the first Twilight movie.) There are so many movie watching stories with Matt, I know I will be writing about it again.


Last night I went to rent a streaming movie from iTunes that I had been thinking about renting for a while and realized I could not rent it. It was frustrating because I know the movie was available earlier this year for rental. I came across this same issue a few months ago when I rented a movie and watched part of it. When I tried to watch the rest of it the next day, it was no longer available on iTunes (although I did finish it because it was within my 24 hour period.) At the time, I thought it was a fluke. But after sitting down and trying to figure out what movies I could rent through streaming I discovered that that the number of movies made in the past few years that I could rent and stream seems almost non existent.

I got online and looked at a bunch of streaming services, and discovered the same thing. Sure, I can buy a digital movie, save it somewhere in the cloud and stream it to watch any time I want. But I’m not a movie buyer except for popular kids movies. So now I have ended up back at Netflix with an account to send me blue ray discs. It’s a little surreal as this is how I used to do it with Matt. I cancelled my account almost 3 years ago now. I don’t watch TV and I’m not adding the Netflix instant service because the selection is worse than Amazon. I’m still debating what to do, but for now I’m going to see how it feels with blue ray discs. It’s hard to believe I am going backwards with technology, and in my situation it’s very painful. At the same time, 3 years seems the appropriate cycle to revisit my entertainment system. I might just buy another Apple TV.


Matt was one of those people who could quote or refer to a movie in an appropriate context. Unfortunately, I am one of those people on whom such references are lost. I guess it was kind of sweet that Matt always had to explain them to me, even if he didn’t get the punchline effect of his cleverness. Well, it turns out that Luke seems to have the same ability, even at age 4. Like his father, Luke loves watching movies. Last weekend we watched Free Birds and this week Luke has come out with “We are going in there to get turkey off the menu!” in his amazingly expressive voice. And it seems to me that these times have been Luke swooping in with the comment as Cole is whining to me.