The other night I found myself at a Soundgarden concert. I was never a serious fan, but they are one of the iconic 90s bands and their popular songs were certainly part of the background of my life at the time. Matt was a fan, and I swear I remember him singing “Black Hole Sun” to me. But I don’t really remember if he did or not…

I’ve come to realize that remembering Matt after he has been gone for three years is a very different experience than remembering stories about him would be if he were here to look at. I’m not sure how I’m going to come up with stories to tell the kids about things he did when more often the things I remember about him are triggered by some physical sensation. The memories are not so much story-like or even visual, but physical and emotional instead. It doesn’t translate to words the way I think I would like to talk to the kids about him. And it puts me at a loss as to what I am going to write here. Up to now I feel resistant to writing about my life now as it relates to my memories of Matt (publicly, on the internet). I am coming to see that it is inevitable.

So as I let the experience of Soundgarden wash over me, it sank in and for a moment there was a lot of pain. At this point, the pain is some mixture of memory and reality that is so precious to me. I really do know what a black hole sun is, and I am in awe at what a shared experience it is, albeit the superunknown. Thank you, Chris Cornell, for singing “Black Hole Sun” and “Spoonman” back to back.


Girl Talk

How lucky I am to have this video. I had never heard of Girl Talk when Matt told me he was going to get tickets to the concert. We lined up outside of Austin Music Hall (for the second time in a month since we went to see Cake for New Year’s). I discovered that I was surrounded by a bunch of people wearing 80s style work out clothes. Matt explained to me that Girl Talk is a guy who is an engineer by day and mixes music at night. It turns out that going to a Girl Talk concert means taking part in a dancing hard sweat fest. It was so much fun and I remember Matt enjoying it so much. He told me afterwards that he “really needed that” because he hadn’t been able to run in his current health. I don’t remember it being work for him to dance so hard, but he looks so thin here and his eyes are almost too bright.