Space Tech

I can’t remember why space travel came up at the dinner table tonight, but we were discussing whether we would travel to outer space if we could. Cole has recently expressed an interest in space technology, but no one was interested in actually taking a trip on a space shuttle. That’s how I have always felt, and Cole clarified that he did not want to be an astronaut. He is possible interested in developing and building space technology on Earth. But the discussion reminded me of one that Matt and I had several times, especially as Elon Musk has for years been wanting to start some way to do space tourism. Matt would certainly have signed up if he could afford it. He would have loved it. Well, space tourism is not yet a thing but the prospect keeps me in mind of him. It’s funny that none of the kids felt that way, and shows me the lack of the influence he would have had.



I discovered this video one day when I was going through the box of Matt’s stuff from work. (It was a small box and I had just left it under a table in the office for a long time.) It was on a nano that Matt had purchased at the mall, apparently with the kids because he proceeded to sit them down with a smoothie and try it out. At first, I thought I must not have been there, but now I think I was just doing my own shopping. So this video from September 2009 is quite a treasure found.

I was going to write about how Matt purchased every Apple Nano ever made. About how he often purchased them for work for research purposes and then put them back together to use at home. I think he just wanted to hold the product in his hand because he had the vision for it before it ever existed even though he wasn’t the one who got to see it through.

Then I started thinking about Matt sitting down with the kids with a smoothie and taking a video of them and talking to them and how this video is just so Matt as a dad. I love seeing him and the kids in a moment where it is just them.